Tara Darson

After a long and strict ballet education in France Tara D’Arson fell in love with glitters and feathers and became a professional show girl in various cabarets and theaters in France like “Royal Palace” and in Germany at the famous “Friedrichstadt Palast” or “Fernsehballet”.
She discovered the world of Burlesque in Berlin and decided to give it a try to mix her dance skills with some comedy and a glamorous touch.
She founded quickly the famous Burlesque group „Die Gl’Amouresque“ composed of 4 professional trainer dancers and is currently co-producing with Sheila Wolf her own “Hotel Gl’Amouresque” show every month at “Bar Jeder Vernunft” in Berlin.
She also appeared as a dancer in two episodes of the famous “Babylon Berlin” tv show.
She’s also choreographing for herself, her group but also for several projects like some diner show in Germany and the touring twenties show “Glanz auf dem Vulkan”.
Tara D’Arson is a full time Burlesque dancer, teacher, producer and choreographer.
“This art of expression makes me feel free, stronger and alive as an artist and as a woman. I want to share my love for Burlesque and my inspiration to my audience and entertain them to make them forget about their day for some minutes.”

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