“Dirty Moves” by Dirty Martini

“Dirty Moves” by Dirty Martini

“Dirty Moves” by Dirty Martini

Description: Bump & Grind Vintage dance workout
Join Classically trained dancer Miss Dirty Martini as she breaks down the basics of burlesque dance for dancers of all levels. Perfect forthose students who have not experienced a movement class before, Miss Martini introduces the classical dance class structure in a friendly and positive atmosphere to get anyone ready for their first or five hundredth turn around a stage.
The building blocks of burlesque choreography are emphasized while students learn a short routine to Miss Martini’s striptease music favorites. All the while Miss Martini will speak about the development of burlesque dance
vocabulary with historical references and break down those moves in a fun and interesting way.

What time: 1pm-3pm

What to wear: Dance clothes and dance heels are suggested

Price: 89 EUR (plus Service Fee)


October 16, 2022

1pm – 3pm: “Dirty Moves” with Dirty Martini, Bump & Grind Vintage workshop


OF-Dance Academy, Goethering 54, 63067 Offenbach

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