Terms and Conditions

Nobody need rules but some needful informations must be agreed before you fill out the Application form.


Producers: Tara D’Arson and Sheila Wolf
Email: contact (at) frankfurt-burlesque-festival.de


Applications accepted from Jan 8, 2024.
Application Deadline April 30, 2024
Confirmation May 15, 2024
The application for 2024 is still FREE for ALL performers.

Please be sure to only apply with a PROFESSIONAL Burlesque / Boylesque / Comedy / Cabaret / Artistic / Queerlesque / Singer / Vaudeville / Circus act. 
We will confirm all chosen performers by May 15, 2024 at the latest. Please understand that we only have around 25 performance slots.
Please feel free to perform at other events in the Frankfurt am Main area AFTER the Frankfurt Burlesque Festival is over, BUT please do check the criteria of other events. Some festivals DO NOT allow you to perform the same act in the same time period or region, so we would advise you not to apply to them with the same act with which you apply for the Frankfurt Burlesque Festival. With that said, please don’t hesitate to send us your strongest performance in order to give yourself the best possible chance of being part of our unique show. If you need further help on this topic please let us know via the contact form. Please rock the many stages of Frankfurt!
Your performance should not exceed 7 minutes.
For any additional questions about the festival or for further information about the application fee/venue, please feel free to contact us. 


Here we come to the most important thing 😉 the non-negotiable fee:
International & Local Artists (EUR):

Solo: EUR 160
Group: EUR 220
A dinner (veggie option available) will be provided before your performance night(s). Soft drinks will also be available free of charge for all performers, plus a lot of sparkling champagne backstage! 🙂 … and of course PIZZA after the show 🙂


Please send your invoice to contact (at) frankfurt-burlesque-festival.de latest 2 weeks after the festival date.
Invoices must be sent as a WORD or PDF document and need to include the following information: stage name, legal name, home address, phone number, tax number, invoice number, Paypal address or bank account, date of performance(s) & fee.
We will receive the payment from the ticketing company 1 week after the FBF, therefore payment will be transferred to you latest 14 days after the festival.


We communicate (and can be reached) by both email or PM on social media platforms. All important information will be sent by email (see mail address above) in the case that someone does not use/check social media platforms.
Please remain patient when awaiting a reply – it can take up to two / three days.


The USUAL question… if we are able to give you some free seats WE WILL DO IT. In the event that a show night is not sold-out, we will offer a priority invitation to all performers. HOWEVER, we cannot guarantee it and it will of course be last minute, SO please support our festival by inviting friends and family to purchase a ticket.
It is NOT possible to enter the backstage area on the day/night on which you are NOT performing. Of course NO GUESTS will be allowed at any time either.


YES we are photographing and filming the show for YOU, but by submitting your application you agree to allow FBF to use your image and video for future promotional purposes too.
YES you can also use and post the photos/video footage but please credit all media as follows:  Frankfurt Burlesque Festival, photographer/videographer name.


YES, once chosen, we will promote your appearance at our festival as much as we can, eg. by newspaper, radio, tv and all online media platforms. Please help by promoting us too on your social networks and any interviews etc.
Please announce your participation in the Frankfurt Burlesque Festival on your websites and social media profiles.
In the event of other specific marketing ideas we will be sure to contact you in advance.


We have a wonderful backstage and are proud to be able to offer you enough space for ALL possible preparation. We have professional dressing rooms with a mirrored table space for every performer, plus bathroom/shower facilities.
All information regarding the venue, the stage, lighting and dressing room allocation will be given prior to the event.
We will have a fantastic team with a professional production co-ordinator, lighting manager and stage assistants before and during the show.
Tech runs and/or rehearsals will be available at the venue on the days of the event. Your rehearsal time slot will be announced nearer the time on the Facebook group as well as by email.


The most important thing: please celebrate love and respect! Bullying or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. We offer a safe place for all genders, all colours, all body shapes and of course, all sexualities.
Please leave your dressing room in a clean manner upon departure.
NO, we cannot be responsible for any loss, damage or theft of props or costume pieces over the duration of the festival. However, we will of course do all we can to help if such a situation arises. If you leave something behind at the venue after the festival please email us ASAP. We will contact the venue on your behalf.
FINAL IMPORTANT THING…  NO, we cannot allow your friends or family access to the backstage at anytime. Assistants are possible but must be announced beforehand.